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INTRODUCTION: Why Energy Independence Matters More Than Iraq 

PART ONE: The Problem of America’s Energy Dependence

Chapter 1: America’s Plunge into Reliance on Foreign Oil

Chapter 2: A Forgotten Victory Gives Hope: How America Solved Its Last Energy Crisis and Cut Oil Imports in Half

Chapter 3: Lapsing Back into Oil Addiction: Retreating from Battle under Presidents Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and Bush

Chapter 4: Blood and Treasure: The Heavy Cost of Dependence on Middle East Oil

Chapter 5: Fossil Fuels and Global Warming: A Dangerous Experiment with the Planet

Chapter 6: The Magic and Limits of Market-Based Solutions

Chapter 7: Seeing through the Ideological Blinders (of the Right and the Left)

PART TWO: Seven Economically and Politically Viable Paths to Energy Independence

Chapter 8: Solution One: Store Massive Emergency Reserves

Chapter 9: Solution Two: Drive the Car of the Future

Chapter 10: Solution Three: Bring Alternative Fuels to Market

Chapter 11: Solution Four: Plug into an Electric Future

Chapter 12: Solution Five: Adopt Energy Taxes Liberals and Conservatives Can Like

Chapter 13: Solution Six: Make Energy Conservation a Patriotic Duty

Chapter 14: Solution Seven: Throw Some "Hail Marys"

PART THREE: Securing Our National Future

Chapter 15: What We Need from National Leaders (and from Voters)