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E&ETV 10/22/2008 Interview

C-SPAN TV Interview 8:15-8:45 am Wednesday August 13, 2008 -
Jay Hakes discussed and answered questions on US Energy Policy history dating back to Nixon. Jay reminds us that we succeeded once in reducing our dependence on Foreign oil in the late 1970's and early 1980's, breaking the ability of OPEC and foreign despots to dictate prices. He called for a bipartisan national effort and presidential leadership to see energy conservation as a patriotic duty.

WWL TV New Orleans, Monday, July 28, 2008, Morning News - This video clip from the archives of WWL TV, is an interview by Eric Paulsen of Jay Hakes as he began his book tour in New Orleans.

Georgia Weekly, GPB TV, July 27, 2008 - David Zelski interviews Jay Hakes on  "A Declaration for Energy Independence". This URL gets you to the GA WEEKLY Archive. Type in Jay Hakes and then click on GA Weekly 07/28/08 with Jay's picture on it. The clip contains two interviews, Jay Hakes interview is in the 2nd 13 minutes of this clip. The first 13 minutes is an interview with economics professor, Roger Tutterow. is This interview aired on . Duration of this clip is: 26:46.

Video Links to Lectures

Arizona State University, Global Institute of Sustainability- Sptember 11, 2008 - Jay Hakes - "A Declaration of Energy Independence" - U.S. Presidential history in energy policy, economics, how the U.S. managed our energy needs, how the US actually achieved independence, myths we believe and what we can do to regain energy independence. (44 minutes)

 Margaret Mitchell House, Thursday August 14, 2008 - This is a video that public broadcasting made of Jay's lively discussion and Q&A at the Atlanta Margaret Mitchell House & Museum (standing room only) book signing event on August 14, 2008.

"Energy, Gobal Change, and International Cooperation" -- address by Jay Hakes to the Atlanta Council for International Relations (ACIR) lecture on Tuesday June 5, 2007, video available through public broadcasting discussing his book in progress.

YouTube excerpts from Grand Rapids book tour - posted by the Hauenstein Center at Grand Valley State University  -  Videos are a series from Jay's Schuler Bookstore lecture and Public Television Interview. 

 Audio Links to Interviews

Written Voices Pod Cast - August 25, 2008, Allan Hunkin interviews Jay Hakes. Also see Radio Audio Links below.


Articles, SciTechBlog, Peter Dykstra, October 13. 2008, Book tracks four decades of energy errors - Book Review

IAGS Journal of Energy Security - "35 Years After the Arab Oil Embargo" - article in the October 7, 2008 issue written by Jay Hakes

Kansas City Star - "Ex-head of Energy Information Administration talks about energy independence" By STEVE EVERLY - While on book tour, Mr. Everly interviewed Jay and wrote this fact filled article on the first page of the September 20, 2008 Business Section.

Muskegon Chronicle: The Grand Rapids Press News - "Time is right to raise taxes on gasoline, says author of 'Declaration of Energy Independence'", Ken Kolker | Grand Rapids Press October 14, 2008

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Book Review - "Take a step inside the world of oil and politics" "Jay Hakes first book, 'A Declaration of Energy Independence,' is a compelling tutorial for anyone seeking to understand the geopolitical forces that have America over a barrel of oil." writes Stacy Shelton in her AJC book review (Sunday, August 10, 2008, Section K4, Arts and Books)

E&P Magazine - "A good read" - Bill Pike, Editor in Chief, September 1, 2008, Hart Energy Publishing, LP

National Security Watch, FBI, NSA and Homeland Security Jobs and News, posted by admin. in National Security, October 9, 2008, A Declaration of Energy Independence - short review

Front Street Reviews - Book Review by Cynthia Murphy

East Valley Tribune - on Jay's Arizona State University presentation

Cronkite News Service, Arizona State University

Curled Up With a Good Book, by Amitrajeet A. Batabyal, 2008 - Book Review

Gainesville Sun - "Author Offers Pathway to U.S. Energy Independence during UF Visit"

University of Florida School News - This article was in the student newspaper after Jay's presentation at the University of Florida, Gainesville at the Bob Graham Center for Public Service

Atlanta Journal Constitution, Friday, August 8, 2008, Metro - Peach Buzz Section - By RICHARD L. ELDREDGE - Listen to Jay's interview and read the subsequent article --"Youth grasp energy alarm, writer says"

Americus Times-Recorder - Jay spoke with teachers and interested Georgia citizens at Plains High School. This article describes his presentation.

San Francisco Chronicle OpEd "Carter had a powerful energy idea" by Jay Hakes, Sunday, April 22, 2007

Library Journal review of  "A Declaration of Energy Independence" by Robert Eagan (9/01/2008) - an online newsletter "Renewing the Fight for Renewables"  - See Jay's article  where he discusses"A Declaration of Energy Independence" and the critical importance of renewables in achieving energy independence.

Tucson Citizen - "U.S. Needs to Sacrifice to Achieve Energy Independence" - Article by Andrew Shainker, Cronkite News Service, for the Tucson Citizen on 9/12/2008

Domestic Fuel: Alternative Fuel News - A book review by Joanna Schroeder on 1/20/2009 Ron Bengtson maintains an excellent site with analysis and links information related to Energy Independence. 

Spinning Clio: Where History and Politics Meet: Political commentary with a historical perspective and vice versa - Book Review on Cliopolitical.blogspot 




American Presidents and Energy: A Challenge of Leadership" by Jay Hakes - An interview of, author, Jay Hakes is posted on "Written Voices Podcasts: Best Author Interviews on the Web"

"Boone Pickens' Energy Crusade: Prophet or Con Man?" by Jay Hakes
"Written Voices Podcasts: Best Author Interviews on the Web", Blog and also in "Newsbull" Website in FSB Authors (July 30, 2008 Posting)

Green Home Building and Sustainable Architecture, Kelly Hart Blog August 26, 2008 - Mr Hart describes how his reading of "A Declaration of Energy Independence" has affected his thoughts on what we can accomplish together as citizens through conservation and the use of less environmentally harmful energy resources.




Jim Bohannon Show - August 12, 2008 - The Jim Bohannon interview of Jay Hakes is a lively and interesting audio.

KCUR (89.3 Kansas city Public Radio)- Walt Bodine Show - While in Kansas on 9/15/2008, Jay was interviewed from 10:00 to 11:00 am on the Walt Bodine show. (KCUR 89.3 FM - Public Radio). He answered questions and gave an important overview of the history of America's energy problems and recommendations for overcoming them. The radio show is approximately 55 minutes long and is very interesting. A podcast is available at this link.

Sinclair Noe, KFNN Financial News Radio Interview - August 11, 2008 - Sinclair Noe interviewed Jay Hakes on his new book "A Declaration of Energy Independence". The almost 1/2 hour interview on this archived pod cast occurs about 1/4 into the podcast.

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